Some of the Best and Worst of emails to Norman. Mostly the worst emails. Not many names are used to avoid embarrassment!  This is where I can have some fun. I hope I don’t offend too many fans. Then again, who cares …

For those who DO NOT think this page is humorous. This is for you … this is humerus.


This page is  – Dave

(Norman’s Redrool) Can’t beat that.

(Norman)  Let’s add a nice new one.

You wrote the best song in the whole wide world, thank you! You must be a SAINT, or an ANGEL! God Bless You, Norman Greenbaum


Tant pis!
Excusez mon francais.
Bye and best wishes from NZ.

(Norman) Ah, easier to read me, well, tant pis sounds like my cat’s urinary problem.

I believe that I had heard a long time ago that you had done some farming in your life, specifically growing peanuts. Is there any truth in this ?

(Norman)  No, that was Charles Schultz.

when I’m on you tube I always plat your tunes

(Norman)  No wonder You Tube keeps taking them off.

Norman, What’s up? I love your songs, you’re a bad-ass.

(Norman)  Actually, I’m a good guy and gals say I still have a great ass.

Are Marcy and Alice Bodine real people?

(Norman)  Marcy is.

I loove the drools u posted.
I maks me want to wacks poetick so hears a pome for U!

Big Luv had this first wife sweating while ur song played? too cool and i checked for drool there was none only sweat and crying this is wat the song is trying so i write to say when the sweating is done and i go to the place that’s the best i thanks the sprits in this guy!!!

(Norman’s Redrool) Don’t you just love “spell check ?

And so I came home tonite from doing my WW meeting and THE song came on…..cranked it up and sat in front of my house listening. THE song is THE only one I must listen to….regardless of where I have to be. Thank you from the top of my heart!

(Norman’s Redrool) Thank you, hope it didn’t make you hungry…

Heard you on the DeBella show in Philly this morning. Sprit in The Sky always brings back memories. I was a volunteer fireman in my younger days and we had a 1970 American-LaFrance 90 foot Snorkel that was nicknamed \”Sprit in the Sky\”. It was written on the rear of the basket.

(Norman’s Redrool) My own snorkel is just a bit smaller…

I would like to let you know Norman, your song is one of the greatest jewels in my box. I would like to thank you forever for it.

(Norman’s Redrool) Make up your own snide remark, there are lots.

i have always ioved your one hit wonder. why dont you make asoug with gods power in it like im going to see jesus.i think it wound go places. im not talking about dieing. maybe i cound write it. pleases email me back

(Norman’s Redrool) I’ve never made a soug, and I hope never to.

I found your Web site at three a.m. after being awakened by three college kids who jumped the fence at our apartment house\’s swimming pool, took off their clothes, and frolicked in the water. I was so aroused by the sight of the naked woman that I couldn\’t go back to sleep. To put the time to good use I got on the Internet where one thing led to another and I found your site. I\’m glad I did because reading the comments from your fans gave me a needed reminder of just how important art is to people–how it feeds our spirits. And my spirit got a boost from reading your hilarious Re-drools. Lastly, I am glad to learn that \”Norman Greenbaum\” is your real name. I always assumed it was made up. So, I\’m glad to learn that you\’re still around and doing well. Thanks for contributing a song that has given delight to so many people.

(Norman’s Redrool) Thanks, ever connect to one of the naked girls?

My wife doesn’t believe you really exist. I know it’s a pain in the ass but can you send her an email saying hi or something.

(Norman’s Redrool) Norman….No tooth fairy, no Norman Greenbaum, crap…

Hey Norman, big fan of the song \” spirit in the sky\”. I requested it on our local classic rock station the other day and the DJ squealed with delight over the air.

(Norman’s Redrool) I knew pigs could fly, but play records?

I work out at a fitness center and asked if they would play your song when we were excercising and when they did, a lot of people didn’t like it because they say fitness isn’t church…

(Norman’s Redrool) Pictures of fat Jesus are rare.

In answer to..”what is the greatest blues song of all time?”

My vote will be for Norman Greenbaum’s “When You Going To Buy Me A Canned Ham”. Norman Greenbaum was born in Mulefart, Louisiana in 1886. He played a 2 string guitar fashioned from a washbasin. He taught Charlie Patton how to thump on his guitar. He taught Howling Wolf how to bug out his eyes. Norman fell into obscurity for decades until he was rediscovered by Pete Welding in 1961 singing the blues while selling pig ear sandwiches on the streets of New Orleans.

Greenbaum’s “Canned Ham” is the ultimate blues classic, evoking images of the blood, sweat, and tear-stained existence of the sun-baked Delta’s poorest denizens.

If you believe any of this, you had better check yourself in to get yourself checked out, you are losing your mind. (Mine been gone.)

(Norman’s Redrool) AMEN!!!

hinorman im a big fan of sprite in the sky.that song really rocks. ithasalot of meaning to it, what made you write thatsong.that song sicksin my head andi sing it to my self almost everyday, well take care

(Norman’s Redrool) Love those typos..I had to look in the mirror to see if I had a hino, then ponder a soda can in great beyond and then feel sorry for the poor typist, as my song makes him sick in the head. Too cool!!!!

You\’re not very nice to all the fans that find you. Why is that? I loved your song until I found your site. You\’re pretty self absorbed.

(Norman’s Redrool) ……………… 

Thank you! Your website is great – your comments are even better. All silliness (on my part) aside, it’s an honor to get an e-mail from you. You’re an icon – and, from what I can tell, a very nice guy. What an astounding combination.

(Norman’s Redrool) … 


Hi Norman,
Just wanted to let you know that my mothers\’ nickname was Bubbles, so when we laid her to rest yesterday, we all blew bubbles as we listen and danced to \’Spirit in the Sky\’. Thought I would get some grief from the 80 year old women, but they danced the most and said they wanted that song at their burial. Thanks so much for a great song and making everyone walk away with a smile on their face.

(Norman’s Redrool) I waited a long time to put up a good one. This is a good one.

Mr. Greenbaum,

Okay. I give. Your site makes it too hard for me to go on blaming the hippies for ruining the universe.


Now I have to focus on used car salesmen…

Your site rocks…


(Norman’s Redrool) I think this person is related to Bill (Tuna) Parcells

my mate duncan thinks you may be a kiwi from NZ. Are Ya !!

(Norman’s Redrool) No, I’m an Eggplant from Chicago.

got my first speeding ticket listening to it on my
car radio around 1970 on hwy99 near Bakersfield, the
cop understood…let me off with a warning…too cool.

(Norman’s Redrool) Insert cake pun of choice.

ILOVE THE SONE and went on line.I will have played at my furnualLOL

(Norman’s Redrool) I think he meant “scone” because he’s a friend of Cake from Bakersfield.

I know since ive been an adult osme shits been the
same but ive learned some stuff too. life lessons and
whatnot… im kinda figurng your pretty wise. so
what do i need to know? i now you arent a god or
anyting but , you seem like a decent person what
does one do with their lives to stay happy? i
guess maybe i godda find that out on my own?

(Norman’s Redrool) I don’t know, but I figurng I am definitely going to use “osme shits” in all my correspondence to godda in daveeda.

A man that I work with said he was watching a show called ” Where are they now ” which reported that you were in some kind of coma after falling down . Scince you just wrote to me , this must be false information.

(Norman’s Redrool) Scince when?

By the way, all the hookers at the Chicken Ranch love your tune!

(Norman’s Redrool) The Chicken Ranch is a legal, licensed brothel located about 60 miles west of Las Vegas near the town of Pahrump…

f you would have believed in what you sang about,your life would have been so much more!

(Norman’s Redrool) I dug a new well when the old one went dry…

Your song has insoired me for years, I play it often.

(Norman’s Redrool) Is that French for “it gets me off?”

Just read the NYTimes article-just last week my best friend and I were wrapping presents- listening to CD\’s I made god knows when .. your song came on-always makes us DANCE! The \”Egyptian\” dance goes well with the beat- envision two 40-something women in sweat suits embellished with glitter droppings, pieces of tape and wrapping paper, bowls on our heads (to approximate egyptian headresses)dancing to Spirit in The Sky! It made our day! Thanks again for great music and lyrics. I\’ve sang it while speeding recklessly in a convertible, fishing in a pond in a leaky canoe, while cooking, gardening, and even hummed it while in labor 17 years ago! Everytime I hear it .. brings back memories! Thanks, Norman- your the BEST!

(Norman’s Redrool) Gliiter droppings are so much better than

I for one am so glad that my grandchildren are able to hear your music. I loved you entire album when it first came out and am still a huge fan. I especially loved, “Mama, open up your shirt and give the little one a squirt” or something like that. They just don’t write ’em like that anymore!

(Norman’s Redrool) No they don’t. Wish it was my tune..

I have your “American Pie” single, wrapped in a baggie and kept by my phonograph updated from my victrola!!

(Norman’s Redrool) I think you smoked what was in the other baggie. That was Don McLean..

First time I heard the song, I swore it was the 5th Dimension.

(Norman’s Redrool) Were you into that baggie too?

My former brother in law lived if San Francisco when you did.
He said you were a solid guy. Of course he was stoned a lot.

(Norman’s Redrool)  That makes 3 in a row.

Norman, I love your song, but hate my job. My co-workers perpetually piss me off. Any advice before I go to lunch.

(Norman’s Redrool) No advice, but bring me back a corned beef on rye….

Spirit In The Sky keeps getting cooler and cooler..

(Norman’s Redrool) It’s global warning..OOPS, warming…

Norman is a Jew for awesome songs…VH1..I love the 70’s

(Norman’s Redrool) I love that show, but Mo Rocca was cruel…

Do not ignore me please,
I found your email sobmewheare aand now decided to write you.
I am coming to yourb place in few weeks and thaought we
can meet each other. Let me know if you do not mind.
I am a nice pretty girl. Don’t reply to this email.
Ebmabil me direclty at zcy@………

(Norman’s Redrool) Basically, it’s Spam for a porn site from hell, BUT, I thoughtd I’ed tryye and masther the langoouage…

Holy crap do I remember your Spiriy in the sky, My friend Charlie Billy; I believe thought he was you…

(Norman’s Redrool) I think that guy’s pot induced babble seeped into this E mail…I can’t seem to change my text color…Holy crap…

i <3 norm

(Norman’s Redrool) Is this a heart or a sideways drawing of my butt?

Best song ever written on Gods gren earth

(Norman’s Redrool)  At this point, I don’t know blew from gren..

My friend says you died in Waco, Texas with the Branch Davidians. I told him you didn’t. Who is right?

(Norman’s Redrool)  Dead men don’t answer E mail, but do wear plaid…

I recently heard an interview of you. I was appalled. You had no presence whatsoever and you seemed difficult to talk to…

(Norman’s Redrool)  Maybe I am dead … 

Norman, your song just sends me into some place indefinable…

(Norman’s Redrool) Well, if you ever figure it out, let me know because I want to go there…

* Hi Norm,
I love Spirit in the Sky and I love your site. There’s just one thing. I was looking at your pictures and there is one of you sitting in a chair and it is titled “Norm’s Throne”. I just feel like I need to say that your throne doesn’t look too comfortable Norm! That’s an awfully straight chair. Maybe you should look into more of a “Lazy Boy” kind of chair. love

(Norman’s Redrool) At least she didn’t make fun of my pants…

Dear Norman, I love your song. Do you have a goat fetish?

(Norman’s Redrool) Like, that’s not cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Call out Gouranga be happy!
Gouranga Gouranga Gouranga…
That which brings the highest happiness

(Norman’s Redrool)  ..sounds like a melon…
pairs well with prosciutto, but really, this is why I skip reading E mails for days…

I pray you believe your own song. By reading your comments, it seems like you are in bondage to sin…..

I have loved Spirit In The Sky since I was in diapers.

(Norman’s Redrool) Well, Huggies to you too!!!!!

Good Service

(Norman’s Redrool) Are you mixing me up with A1 Rooter & Plumbing?

Everytime I hear your song, I can smell the ocean.

(Norman’s Redrool) Better the ocean than the A1 Rooter guy…

Your song has been covered more times than Zsa Zsa Gabor….

(Norman’s Redrool) And look where it got her..

I thought Canned Ham was a rocking great tune although most people didn’t get that passionate about it. Maybe you should have called it “I Wanna Hold Your Ham”..

(Norman’s Redrool) Read the next four!!!

I hope your appearance on the Howard Stern Show was as good for you as it was for me…

When I was 12, my mom let me go to my first coed birthday party, where a boy I had a crush on kissed me full on the mouth as your song was playing in the background. Thank you for the song that has become known as “my first french kiss song”…

Sorry to hear that your cat died. I’m sure she’s up there in the great cathouse in the sky..

* \”Spirit in the Sky\” was undoubtedly one of the most original tracks of the rock/pop era and was a massive number one hit here in Britain in 1970. The guitar solo fade-out is phenomenal and the best compliment that is paid to the record is that it has been covered more times than Zsa Zsa Gabor. Happy new year, Norman. God bless.

(Norman’s Redrool) Let’s make these last 5 “fans redrool”. It’s Christmas and I’m going to be nice, instead of naughty.

Do you have an acustical version of Spirit In The Sky? I need it for an important corporate function.

(Norman’s Redrool) First of all, get spell check. Secondly, get lost!!!!

I heard a little factoid on the radio that you were an aspiring baseball player from Australia before you did music.

(Norman’s Redrool) Tie your Kangaroo down, start chewing that gum you left on the bedpost and get this straight, I’m from Massachusetts, sucked at sports and the only thing I know about Australia is that I got the hots for Kylie Mynogue….

These entries are priceless.

(Norman’s Redrool) No, actually you all owe.. 

Are we related? Like, how many Greenbaums are out in the world?

(Norman’s Redrool) Like,  how many eggs will a chicken lay?

I find your song uplifting and want it played when I’m laid to rest.

(Norman’s Redrool) Now this is uplifting..

My son loves your song. If it’s not too much to ask, would you mind sending him something?

(Norman’s Redrool) How about that gal in the picture above?

In one of your pics, you look just like your Dad. You have a strong Greenbaum gene.

I gotta lay off those burritos…

Your cat Muffin, who died, was very beautiful. I’m sure she’s dancing to your song right now and looking down upon you with love.

I’ve never tasted celebrityhood. What’s it like?

(Norman’s Redrool) Tastes like chicken!!

Back in the 70’s, I used to love watching the old Jews freak out when a DJ would play Spirit In The Sky at a Bar Mitzvah party..

(Norman’s Redrool) You knew my mother?

I found you by Google. I had heard you were the son of Oral Roberts & had to see if that could possibly be true.

(Norman’s Redrool) As far as I know, oral sex does not produce offspring. 

Once went looking for you in the 70’s in Petaluma, but only found chickens.

(Norman’s Redrool) I only found beer. 

Your song gives me goosebumps.

(Norman’s Redrool) And nice ones they are. 

Just wondering if you are still in the goat cheese business?

(Norman’s Redrool)

I can’t get the DJ at our local dances to play your song more than once.

(Norman’s Redrool) It’s called a bribe!!! 

I chose Spirit In The Sky as my protest song for a school project. I was wondering what it was protesting?

(Norman’s Redrool)

You are, without a doubt, the most awesome songwriter & singer of all time.

(Norman’s Redrool) Thank you.

I’m a mid-fifties trans-sexual taking guitar lessons……

(Norman’s Redrool) NNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

For a guy who writes a lot of songs, you sure are a man of few words.

(Norman’s Redrool) I answered your E mail, what do you want, a book? 

I have a 7 inch copy of Spirit In The Sky.

(Norman’s Redrool)

I’m a drummer and my band wants me to play Sitar because I would look good with it. Can you figure that out?

(Norman’s Redrool) I called Dr. Phil and here is his advice. 

So, Norm, what are you wearing?

(Norman’s Redrool)

Who sings Spirit In The Sky?

(Norman’s Redrool) This might be the stupidest question of all time, so, would you please stand on your head… 

You are an inspiration for my living & sharing the place that’s the best…thank you for making my life a positive experience despite the song.

(Norman’s Redrool) Are you related to the person above you?

I am a huge John Lennon fan. Do you care for his stuff?

(Norman’s Redrool) Do you mean Yoko?

I am a huge John Lennon fan. Do you care for his stuff?

(Norman’s Redrool) Do you mean Yoko?

Can you give me advice on how to handle my friend “xxxxx”, the drummer in my band. He is a bi-polar asshole who always breaks the band apart, but can play drums like hell.

(Norman’s Redrool) Stick the “polar” up his ass and then write Dr. Ruth, Baby Ruth, Dr. Phil, Phil Collins, Joan Collins and last but not least, Tom Collins, especially Tom Collins, because after a few of those, who will care?

I’m a funeral director…I wanted to thank you for Spirit In The Sky. It is our most requested song.

(Norman’s Redrool) Forwarded to VH1, Rolling Stone and The Grateful Dead.

Hey Norman, I’m a big fan but can only go so many decades without listening to a new Greenbaum LP.

(Norman’s Redrool) Write VH1, Rolling Stone and William Morris.

My claim to fame in Junior High School was being able to mimic the opening to Spirit In The Sky.

(Norman’s Redrool) Was that with the under-the arm-pit fuzz box or bad tacos?

As part of out Church’s Christmas Nativity, I’d like to close with all the kids dressed in funny clothes singing your great song.

(Norman’s Redrool) I have funny clothes!!!!

Recently I had a cardiac catheterization…When they put me on the table, Spirit In The Sky started to play. I laughed ’til the happy juice kicked in. You’ve got to love a doctor who plays “going up to the spirit in the sky” for patients whose hearts he is about to stick a wire into…….Tony

(Norman’s Redrool) For all interested, obviously, his surgery was a success.

Spirit In The Sky is the song I use to test new audio equipment. If the song does the gear justice, A-OK. Well, there’s a Chevy dealer in Tacoma who is definitely no longer a fan, as when I cranked up the song during a test drive, I toasted $9000 worth of custom audio components. SPIRIT IN THE SKY IS AWESOME!!!!…….Jerry

(Norman’s Redrool) AMEN, AMEN!!!!!!!!!

During the summer of 1970, the entire Europe was getting off to your song. I deflowered more virgins to your song than the entire Beatle’s collective works. Go, Norm!!! …..Chris

(Norman’s Redrool) Actually, Go, Chris!!, but why didn’t you share?

“Hearing Spirit In The Sky in my parent’s gold 1970 Impala seems to be the earliest lucid memory that I have in life. I was all of maybe 18 months old. Both substantiate it is true, as they turned it up whenever it came on the radio.” Jonathon

“Your music suggests that you have an environmental consciousness. Do you have any suggestions as to what Las Vegas can do to deal with the problems of urban sprawl?” Ken

(Norman’s Redrool) Viva Las Vegas! You’re one of us now.

“Now that I found you, I hope you’re not dead.” Barby

(Norman’s Redrool) How’s this one? “Dead Man Barely Walking”. (I have a tear in my ACL).

“I had just got a call that my dog of 14 years had died and left work early. When I started the car, the radio came on and Spirit In The Sky was playing. Listening to it on the way home, it felt like Scruffy was sending me a message.” Dave

“How I found you? I had Spirit In The Sky running through my head, so I looked up Norman Greenbaum on” Jennifer

(Norman’s Redrool) I’m glad you looked up and not down.

You are God. Spirit In The Sky is the best song ever. I love you. Brandi

We climbed an unfeasibly big mountain in Glencoe, Scotland last week and drank some whisky there. Does that mean we had “spirit in the sky?” Marti

(Norman’s Redrool) You should get together with Brandi.

Norman’s Personal Drool:
God Bless The “Lapsus-Linguae.”

At my Dad’s funeral and by his request, we played Spirit In The Sky. Part of the way through the song everyone stood up and sang along, (over 100 people), with tears in their eyes and smiles on their faces. I think my Dad was smiling too. His name was Charles Parker Williams. As the Priest was about to start his speech, he looked at the audience and said: “That’s a pretty tuff act to follow.”    Victoria

“A large share of my fondness for your music lays in your storytelling and the characters within. I delight in using my girlfriends head as a cymbal on Japanese Silky. The wine helps and I don’t do it hard. She likes it.” (C.H.)

Your music is super unobscure. Cass

Is Norman Okay? The media said he passed away. I hope I’m wrong.  MK

I saw you on a Canadian T.V. program. The program was terrible, but you guys were great, a real 4 minute bright spot among dreary Nova Scotian coal miner backwater wannabes.  R.L

I have only pulled over to the side of the road 3 times while driving when a new song came on the radio that was so strong I couldn’t drive and hear at the same time. Maybelline, Dance To The Music & Spirit In The Sky.   Tom

“how I found you” from the submission form. “By typing in Normal Greenbaum.”  name withheld because of stupidity.

Happy Birthday, Norman. You share a birthday with Bo Derek, Richard Dawson, Duane Allman, Dick Smothers, Joe Walsh and Edwin Powell Hubble.  Jamie

I am a closet fan of Spirit In The Sky. L.X.

I work with a devout Christian who says Spirit In The Sky is just fluff. Can you clear this up?   Jim

(Norman’s Redrool) I thought I cleaned the lint filter.

I tell people I like your song, but I can’t listen to it in a dark room. Jimmy

My Dad said you were dead. Are you?  Jim
(Norman’s re-drool)  There are too many Jim fans.

I met a guy in a Texas bar who claimed you and him had the same wife. RM

(Norman’s Redrool) Never been to Utah.

I think you are the “bomb.” Go, Norman.  Mint

Greenbaum is the master of the universe. P.F.

Norman rules.  J.J.

(Norman’s Redrool)I always wanted to hear that. Geez, it’s another Jim.

I love Spirit In The Sky. Yoshi

Is your brother Peter Green (Greenbaum) from Fleetwood Mac?  Wayne

I am a 25 year old college drop out with next to no money. Any brilliant ideas to ensure success?

(Norman’s Redrool) I thought Ensure was a vitamin drink for old college drop outs.

Hi again. I got an A+ on my school project about Spirit In The Sky, thanks to the additional background information you shared with me. Thanks so much.  Linsay

I’m 14 and when I’m not watching Malcolm In The Middle, I listen 2
Spirit, like 15 million times.  J.F.

What’s a Jew singing about Jesus for?   name withheld

(Norman’s Redrool) I felt weird singing about Malcolm In The Middle.

Was that you we spoke with in France?  Rod

(Norman’s Redrool) No, it was Robin Williams in the Cannes.

You give me goosebumps.   K.C.

(Norman’s Redrool) When can we meet?

Did you write Spirit In The Sky?  BK

(Norman’s Redrool) That’s what they tell me.

I play your song every day in my car. I want it played at my funeral. And I have it tattooed on my arm. Spirit in the Sky is the greatest song of all time. Ray

(Norman’s Redrool) Thanks. How cool.

Dude, I just won 5 bucks on a bet that you wrote Spirit in the Sky and doubled it when I bet your weren’t Christian. At $10 a pop, I may have found the key to unlimited wealth. You are now my favorite trivia personality. Kevin

I thought you were a babe 34 years ago and you still are. Rebecca

(Norman’s Redrool) AT LAST!!! EGO MAIL.

Oh, Man, The Eggplant That Ate Chicago, that was you? My cub scout troop performed that song on stage wearing mops as wigs and strumming tennis rackets…Petey

(Norman’s Redrool) And I thought I was nuts.

“I can’t say I grew up with your song, but I am growing old with it.”    Carol

That’s what they tell me for now. Have good drool? Send it to for consideration.